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The Studies from Deloitte and the London School of Economics and Political Science show that South Africa is steadily gaining a reputation as an outsourcing destination for the software development market.
South Africa’s BPO industry - Pivoted for the next generation of service delivery
“South Africa’s BPO industry - The global services market in SouthAfrica is growing at a rapid rate of ~22% annually over the past four years. South Africa has a large availability of good quality English speaking talent with high empathy, cultural affinity, and niche domain skills. …
Traditional outsourcing is dead. Long live disruptive outsourcing. The Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2018
“In the past, organizations typically used outsourcing to improve back-office operations through cost reduction and performance improvement. Today, disruptive outsourcing solutions are enabling competitive advantage by accelerating changes within those organizations …
Deloitte Studies | Offshore
Riding the Offshoring Wave
“Under increasing pressures to cut costs and achieve efficiencies in the current global macroeconomic situation, organizations fervently continue to look for destinations that are not only cost-effective, but can also provide
quality services …
Deloitte Studies | Offshore
Department of Management Outsourcing
Unit Study

South Africa has become one of the world’s upcoming Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Offshore Destinations. Major companies like Lufthansa, Amazon, ASDA and Shell have set up captive centers in South Africa.
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